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Stargate - The Lost Colony

Welcome to the home page for Stargate – The Lost Colony. Lost Colony was originally written by Tok’ra fans for Tok’ra fans. It was born out of a desire to see more episodes featuring our favorite characters, but we quickly discovered the story had a reach far beyond our small group. So far, the response we have received from both inside and outside the Stargate fandom has been overwhelmingly positive.

Episode 1 had its debut at Dragoncon 2009, and we're working on the sequel. We have upgraded our production values a good bit since the first episode, and hope to bring you a much better quality episode when we are finished with the second.

Set in the Pegasus galaxy, the events of Lost Colony are meant to take place shortly after the siege at the end of Atlantis Season one. It all starts when an apparently uninhabited world turns out to be not quite as empty as it seems, and a dying race discovers it has a new queen. But no victory can go unchallenged...

Episode 1 is now on Vimeo, and is available download. You can also download the trailer for Episode 2.

If you want to help out, please use the Contact Us link on the left. Filmmaking is very expensive and time consuming. We do this as a labor of love. We do not, and cannot, make any money off this. If you would like to make a donation toward the cost of production, please click the donate button below. We would love to make episode 3, but we will need help from the fans to make that a reality.